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Recover Mac Emails

Recovers corrupted and deleted Mac Email files within few clicks only


Files Supported

Supports various files like MXF, MUS, PTF, AAC, fh3 etc



Recover files with name, creation date, and sector number


Macbook Email Recovery Software

How mail is deleted from the Mac OS?

Is it possible to recover the mail of Mac OS?

Is there any tool available for recovery of Mac OS mails?

Mac OS is one of the most popular operating system using now-a-days. This operating system is used to store various kinds of files & important documents. Apart from that, we also store mails into this operating system. Mails are generally stored at the inbox folder of Mac operating system. Many users use e-mails to receive and send them to another one.

Sometimes happen that when we are accessing the mails or send them to another one it cannot be happened. At that time there is a possibility of loosing the inbox mails. It means the inbox folder is corrupted or deleted. Some of the popular reason for the deletion & lost of mails and also other messages which are stored into the inbox folder of Mac OS:

  • Accidentally deletion of mails.
  • Some spyware & powerful attacks of viruses.
  • Suddenly crash of inbox folder of Mac OS.
  • Entourage folder suddenly crash.

All the above reasons are responsible for not accessing the mails of Mac os. But, there is a possibility to get back the mails. Therefore, you need a tool so that you can retrieve the lost mails. So, the 3rd party Mac mail recovery tool is available. It has following feature:

  • This makes use of latest techniques for recovering the deleted emails.
  • You can also show the preview of the recovered mails.
  • Compatible with all Mac OS X versions.
  • Recovers your mail inbox by using powerful methods & high algorithm.
  • Easily recovery of mails of Mac OS.
  • Simple user interface for interacting with the application.
  • This tool is also suitable for Mac e-mail recovery.

If you are a Mac os user and your important mails and messages is lost or accidentally deleted, then for recovery you have to download Mac mail recovery tool.

Know How to Use the Software

Step 1: Download & install the software with quick installation wizard. Lauch it and click on "Recover Data" option..

Step 2: Now, four sub-menu appears consisting of Quick recovery, Deleted recovery, Formatted media recovery, Search lost volume. Select "Quick Recovery" wizard.

Step 3: Now, select the volume from which your files gets lost and further, click over "Scan" button.

Step 4: After completion of Scanning process, list of scanned files are displayed. Select the one that your want to recover and click on "Recover" button.

Step 5: Now, select the desired location to save the recovered files.

Step 6: Finally, a status bar appears showing the saving process.