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Mac Mail Recovery : (Guaranteed Solution To Deleted Mac Mail Retrieval)

Mac Mail Recovery is the topic on which right now I know the most about. It's definitely very important for every one in present scenario as Email has become an indispensable part of ordinary user's life. It has been notified playing a special role in lives of businessmen and companies.

Mac operating system fortunately includes a built-in utility i.e., one of the most popular tool for emails in it namely 'Apple Mail'. This in-built utility is actually utilized for accessing email accounts from several major providers such as Outlook, Apple's iCloud, Yahoo, Google, AOL etc. Aside integration with several other features on the Mac operating system, the main advantage of utilizing an email client such a Apple Mail is the ability to very easily archive or backup mailboxes and collections of emails on the computer, rather than storing them on your email provider's service or their respectively cloud service. This makes it literally very easy for the users to rapidly make access to the past emails and furnish the security of having an additional copy of the data. Now though because of all such features Apple Mail on the very first glance appears highly authentic in nature but yet can get corrupted i.e., one can lose files which are being saved onto their systems.

In these sort of situations majority users have been notified getting panic but it is kindly suggested not to get so as luckily on a Mac the deleted emails onto being deleted, do not get literally deleted and thus can be restored with just a few clicks or via the usage of data recovery program such as Apple's Time Machine.

Time Machine is actually a built in tool which do comes with Mac OS for being utilized in backup the user's system as well in creating restore point at several intervals.

For Mac Mail Recovery via Using Time Machine, users are required to implement the set forth set of instructions :

  • Initially open up your Mail application. Now tap the 'Mail' icon on the dock or tap the 'Finder' icon → 'Go' at the top of the menu and make selection of 'Applications'. Now make double-click 'Mail' for running the application.
  • Tap 'View' at the top of the menu, followed via clicking 'View Deleted Messages'. Tap 'Trash' tab on the left sidebar for viewing your previously deleted messages. Tap the message which is to get restored and then tap the 'Messages' tan from the menu. Now click 'Undelete' button from the drop-down menu.
  • Further, tap the 'Trash' icon the sidebar. The email can get very recovery in a case of being deleted from the inbox but not permanently from the server. Tap and drag the email to the 'Inbox' tab.

  • Time Machine Recovery

  • Run Time Machine. Time Machine as mentioned above is actually a program available for the Mac which do includes potential of enabling users to restore their respective system to a previously saved date. Tap the 'Finder' icon and then tap 'Go' at the top of the screen.
  • Further tap the 'Applications' tab from the drop-down menu and then double-click 'Time Machine'. Now click the window for changing the date, as each window is a complete distinct previous restore date.
  • Lastly, tap the 'Restore' tab at the bottom of the screen on finding the date which is to get restored.

Besides from Apple Mail, which is an in-built utility of Mac OS, one can also make usage of Entourage as it has been proven an efficient email client as well personal information manager from Microsoft offering an extensive support for Exchange Server 2007 SP1, rollup4, or higher. The Entourage identity database is actually a component of an information store which stores user mailbox data including tasks, messages, notes and appointments in several User Folders. Now though the application works efficiently, but yet can generates issues in a case if the data keeps on getting saved or deleted from the user mailbox. This situation actually creates random waste spaces within the information store and this results in inconsistencies which the database which ultimately adds up to the database integrity threats.

Now although this Entourage issue at the very first glance appears impossible to get handled but fortunately that's not the truth at all i.e., the issue can get handled via means of efficient Entourage Recovery Software. Here, in the set forth article some commercial as well as trial softwares has been deal to help the victim of aforementioned situation in Mac Mail Recovery.

Some Best Entourage Recovery Software Regarding Mac Mail Recovery


Software Brand Screenshots Rating Paid/Free File Types Supported Get Software
Pandora Entourage Recovery Software
.doc, .gif, .bmp, .psd, .xls, .xlsx, .zop, .rar, .wav, .ogg 
Stellar Phoenix Entourage Recovery Software 
RGE - Entourage Database Files - 2004 & 2008
Wondershare Entourage Recovery Software
NTFS, FAT16, FAT32 or exFAT
SysInfo Tools Entourage Recovery Software FAT, NTFS, HFS+ & EXTX
Remo Entourage Recovery Software
FAT16, FAT32, HFS,and ExFAT partitions


Pandora Entourage Recovery Software (A Complete Free Utility)

Being associated with the Pandora Genome music project, Pandora Entourage Recovery Software has been actually confirmed a utility which do have nothing to do with the music.

It is actually a simple file restoration utility attempting it's level best into helping Mac users at the time when he/she accidentally deleted a mail. Being equipped with number of highly enhance programming skills, this Mac mail retrieval program do includes potential of very easily recovering files permanently from the Mac mailbox folder. What's more, it according to it's developer, can retrieve mails up to a month after they were removed.

Salient Features of Pandora Entourage Recovery Software

  • Compatible with all the latest versions of Mac OS X such as 10.7 Lion, 10.6 Snow Leopard and 10.4 Tuger.
  • Restore the damaged Entourage database to RGE (Entourage archive) file format, which one can import easily to Microsoft Entourage.
  • Crafted for all the major versions of Microsoft Entourage such as Entourage 2008 and 2004, along with most reputed versions.
  • Furnish the user with trial version, which works same as the full or registered version, for showing the list and preview of retrievable database objects.
  • Recovers emails, notes, tasks, attachments, contacts and calendar entries from disrupted database.

Pros & Cons of Pandora Entourage Recovery Software

  • 1.  Can retrieve files deleted upto month previously
  • 2.  Works along with a couple of key strokes
  • 1.  Chances of retrieving data lost more than a few months ago is rare.
  • 2.  Might take some time in indexing the system. 


What Customers Say...??

I came to know about software when encountered frustrating shut down issue with my Entourage database file. Thus, without giving any sort of second thought, I just purchased it and fixed the issue. For me it would definitely not be wrong to claim one of the best Mac mail recovery software I had ever purchased.

Note :

Microsoft community has also efficiently dealt the issue of Mac mail recovery. So in a case if not getting any solution, you might refer it.

Stellar Phoenix Entourage Recovery Software : Top Rated Commercial Mac Mail Recovery Software

Being referred as one of the best Entourage Recovery Software, this Stellar Software has been notified capable enough to repair the user's deeply ruined Entourage 'Database' files. It has been especially designed for repairing almost all sort of critical cases of Entourage Database corruption, such as Mac OS bugs, application conflicts, hardware failures and bad sectors on the hard disk. This application do includes an easy interface as well as managed modules.

Salient Features of Stellar Phoenix Entourage Recovery Software

  • Compatible with MS Entourage 2008 and 2004.
  • Capable of providing the users with preview of Mac mail data before actual Mac mail recovery in an enhanced tree structure.
  • Supports all the latest versions of Mac OS such as Mac OS El Capitan 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6,10.5 & 10.4.
  • Includes a very easy as well as interactive user interface.

What Customers Says.... ??

I just wanted to thank you guys for furnishing us with such a software (i.e., Stellar Phoenix Entourage Recovery Software) !! I actually purchased this tool after accidentally deleting mails from any Mac mail program and I successfully recovered my priceless mails. 24 hours (no sleep!) after mail loss, so thank you guys!!

Steve Lewis


I bought Stellar Phoenix Entourage Recovery Software just after mistakenly deleting the mails from Mac mail program and it really saved me. It simply provided me with all the crucial mails in a very short interval of time. 

Gabriel Gray 


FAQ associated with Stellar Phoenix Entourage Recovery Software

I have retrieved my lost Entourage items. Now how can I make usage of the recovered file in MS Entourage ?

Solu : By default, 'Stellar Phoenix Entourage Recovery Software' saves the file with 'Main Identity.rge' Set forth are the steps which will definitely help the users in importing the retrieved files in MS Entourage
  • Initially open Microsoft-Entourage
  • Tap 'Import' in the 'File' menu.
  • Follow the below shown :
  • Import> Begin Import> Entourage information from an archive or earlier version and then tap>
  • Make selection of the option 'Entourage Archive (.rge)' in the option 'what would you like to import' and then select Next.
  • Choose the same path where the recovered 'Main Identity.rge' file got saved and then select Import.
  • Upon the execution of all these steps, Entourage will initialize importing the retrieved data, then tap 'Done' after the completion of the importing procedure.
  • Left pane of Microsoft – Entourage will include Main Identity.rge file.
  • One can find the retrieved items in the left pane of that particular folder.

Wondershare Entourage Recovery Software: Second Top Rated Commercial Mac Mail Recovery Software

Being programmed of highly efficient as well as enhance programming skills, Wondershare Entourage Recovery Software has been labeled as an amazing Mac mail recovery program which do supports the recovery of email formats such as DBX, PST, EML, EMLX and MSG.

Characteristics of Wondershare Entourage Recovery Software

  • Supports data recovery from recycle bin, hard drive, flash drive, memory card, digital camera and camcorders.
  • Recover files in 550+ formats from the computer storage quickly, safely and completely.
  • Can easily download videos from 1000+ video sharing sites.
  • Features 3 recovery modes for helping users in recovering lost files under distinct situations.
  • Preview before recovery enables users to do a selective recovery.
  • Supported OS : Mac OS X (Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10 Yosemite) on iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook etc.

Steps To Get Executed To Perform Mac Mail Recovery

Step 1 : Make selection of the file types which is to get recover.

Regarding recovery of deleted email files, go to select the option 'Email' to initialize.

Step 2 : Execute a scan of the partition where the emails were actually lost from.

Make selection of the partition where you are going to get emails back and then tap 'Start' in order to look for the lost emails.

Step 3 : Deep Scan Recovery

In a case if the quick scan cannot get the lost email files back, then in that situation it is advised to go to deep scan as it deeply the lost emails.

Step 4: Recovery Email on Mac

Now all the found data will get displayed as the set forth image shown after the scan. One can preview the found emails for checking the exact number of emails that can get retrieved.
After this make selection of desired emails and then tap 'Recover' for saving them on the Mac.

 Important message !!!! - Kindly do not restore the retrieved email back to it's respective original location.! 

SysInfo Tools Entourage Recovery Software : Third Rated Commercial Mac Mail Recovery Software

SysInfo Tools Entourage Recovery Software has been confirmed as a boon for Mac users who have intentionally or accidentally lose their respective invaluable data because of corruption in their Mac mail program. Being programmed with number of highly enhance algorithmic skills, this application has been notified smoothly running under all the major versions of Mac-based operating systems. It has been very smartly programmed for restored maximum possible mails which do includes attachments of documents, music, photos, video and other types of file format. This Mac mail recovery software recover all the mails along with their respective attachments in their original form with their original names. It do furnish the Mac users with multiple scanning and recovery modes, making the Mac mail recovery operation literally swift and convenient for the non-technical or rookie users.

Features of SysInfo Tools Entourage Recovery Software

  • Swiftly and completely recover data from Mac system.
  • Swiftly and completely recover data from Mac system.
  • Support recovery of all most popular file formats without causing any sort of modification or alteration.
  • Provides the users with three recovery modes regarding recovery of maximum possible mails : Standard, Advance and Deep.
  • Inbuilt with Easy as well as interactive user interface which requires no prior technical skills.
  • Freeware of SysInfo Tools Entourage Recovery Software enables users to have preview of recovered files.

What Customers Say....??

“...I would seriously like to thank you & your software company, as I finally got success in recovering my deleted mails. I is such a relief to retrieve all the vital mails, which were lost forever!!...”

Robert Desuza, UK


Pros & Cons of SysInfo Tools Entourage Recovery Software

Pros Cons
1. SysInfo Tools Mail Recovery Program do includes a very simple and intuitive interface walking through the data recovery procedure in a wizard-like ambiance.  1. The Preview feature do not includes capacity of reading all the files. 
2. Enables users to save and resume the scan results of the retrievable files.  2. The Pro version of the application is required to make usage of it's enhanced features. 
3. The application do includes potential of fully recovering the corrupted and even deleted partitions. 3. No log files are created regarding the data recovery procedure. 
4. Provides the users with preview of scanned files before recovering them.  4. An annual subscription is required regarding the usage of program for unlimited data recovery


Remo Entourage Recovery Software : Fourth Rated Commercial Mac Mail Recovery Software

Being labeled as an ultimately solution to Mac mail recovery, Remo Entourage Recovery Software has been confirmed as a highly efficient Entourage recovery application specially crafted to recover corrupted/damaged Entourage mailboxes and retrieve emails as well as email folders. Experts have notified this particular software including a highly interactive user interface.

Features of Remo Entourage Recovery Software

  • Counter for Mails, Calendar, Address book, Tasks and Notes
  • Capable of previewing Entourage data before actual recovery in an enhanced tree structure.
  • Do feature option to save the repaired files into Apple Mail.

Why Remo Entourage Recovery Software ??

  • Easy to use interface furnishes the users with simple steps to go about the recovery procedure, which makes it literally very easy for the non-technical or rookie users.
  • Select File Type option enables Mac users to make selection of one particular files which can get recovered. This method avoid all file scanning and thus saves the crucial time.
  • Preview option enables users to have a look on retrieved files even before purchasing the tool, along with it's free evaluation copy.

Important message !!!!

- Remo Entourage Recovery Software undoubtedly works very efficiently in Mac mail recovery. But since it is compatible with Windows OS only, thus regarding it's smooth working, users are required to install secondary hard drive on their Windows system.

What Customers Say....??

...My Apple Mail has stopped working and when I contacted them with the error message they advised me which product should I make usage to fix the issue (i.e., Remo Entourage Recovery Software). and now my Apple Mail is working fine again. 

Line Marshell, Australia


Your service was excellent, I would really recommend you to anyone suffering from Mail deletion issue. Many thanks to all your developers.

Angelia Lewis, USA


Pros & Cons of Remo Entourage Recovery Software

Pros Cons
1. Competent of retrieving files,folders, applications which are lost, deleted and missing 1. Taking long time in scanning mail boxes, in a case if the drive is highly dense with data.
2. Can very efficiently retrieve mails from failed, crashed mail boxes. 2. Data loss after saving saving recovery session, can't get retrieved utilizing the existing one.
3. Enables users to have a look at the retrieved data before saving it 3. Only recovered mails can get previewed.


Reason Liable Behind The Lab-elation of 'Stellar Phoenix Entourage Recovery Software' – The Most Efficient Mac Mail Recovery Software

In present scenario, though as aforementioned the market do have number of Mac Mail Recovery Softwares, but yet among all of them Stellar Phoenix Entourage Recovery Software has been refereed the most comprehensive one. It being programmed with number of powerful as well as enhance technical skills, do includes potential of efficiently repairing the deeply damaged Entourage 'Database' files. Experts have notified this software especially designed for the purpose of handling the most worst cases of Entourage database corruption including Mac OS bugs, bad sectors on the hard disk, application conflicts etc.

This all-in-one Mac mail recovery application enables Mac users to scan the corrupted Entourage database files and display them in a tree like structured list. It following the successful completion of the scanning procedure, furnish the users with preview of all the recoverable items in their respective database in a three-pane window. Application furthermore prompts the users into saving all the listed files in Entourage archive ('.rge') file format which can directly get imported into MS Entourage. This file can get saved in a desired location as a 'Main Identity.rge

Note :

Regarding any solution on Mac mail recovery topic, kindly refer :

Tips To How To Make Usage of Stellar Phoenix Entourage Recovery Software Regarding Mac Mail Recovery

Step 1: Initially start the 'Stellar Phoenix Entourage Recovery Software'. Now 'Select Entourage Database File' dialog box will get displayed by default. Here default location of the database file will get selected by default in the file path text box. Or alternatively,

Click the 'Open' button on the toolbar or click 'Open File' option from the File menu for making selection of the file which is to get repaired.

Step 2 :Click 'Browse' to select database file from a different location.

Step 3 :'Open File' dialog box will appear. Select Entourage database file which is to get recovered. Click 'Open' button.

Step 4 :Further, selected file path will get shown in the 'Select Entourage Database File' dialog box. Click 'Start' button to initialize the scanning process.

Step 5 :Next, a dialog box will get shown displaying the progress of the scanning process. Here, click 'Stop' button in the dialog box to pass the file scanning process.

Step 6 :A summary box will get shown, displaying the recovery details after accomplishment of the file scanning process. Click 'Close' button to close the summary message box.

Step 7 :Next, before saving the MS Entourage Database file, Stellar Phoenix Entourage Recovery Software provides the users with option to preview the recovered data. The data which can be retrieved are email folder and content, tasks, notes and address book.

Step 8 :Save the file viewed in 'Stellar Phoenix Entourage Recovery Software' to import it in the MS Entourage.

Considering this particular purpose, execute the set forth steps :

  • Click 'Save Repaired File' option in the File Menu for saving the retrieved files. A 'destination folder' dialog box will get shown.

  • Select destination path to save the file. Click 'Choose' button to start the saving process.

  • A dialog box will be shown displaying the progress of the scanning process. Here the 'Stop' button can get tapped for pausing the file saving procedure.

  • Lastly the recovered file will be saved by the name 'Main Identity.rge'. A 'Mailbox Saved Successfully' dialog box will get appeared.